In today´s textile materials dyeing technology, dyeing according to use area of ​​products method 
and dyestuff selection.
The towels and products we want to use are  they are exposed to a number of external factors, these are like  detergent, sweat, heat, light and sun, oxidants, acids, alkalis. We do not want the colors of the towels fade and change color, we also want that the absorbency does not get lost and that it does not lose its softness.  Therefore, painting technique and finishing process are very important for the material.

We use reactive and indanthrene dyes for the best quality towel desired. The above dyestuff  we process the information by selecting the correct method to be used for the product. 
With the right production technology, you can use towels and towel products for a longer time and healthier.


They give the brightest and vivid color
* They have a wide color palette and the color gamut (color series) is full
* They have a broad spectrum in bright, dark nuances
* They also have excellent wash fastness and wet
* Light fastness is very good
* Sweat fastness is high and there are no color changes


* As it is insoluble in water, it has the highest fastness to external factors
* They have a wide color palette 
* No color change after dyeing
* Dyestuff groups with the best wet fastness
* Light fastness also very good and durable
* Resistant to high bleaches
* They are also resistant to acids and alkalis
* Peroxide fastness is high
* Chlorine (Hypochlorite) fastness are the best dyestuff, do not react with chlorine
* They are not affected in any way from sweat, does not react with sweat

High Durability Areas Where Indantren Dyes Are Used

* In the Uniforms (Military, police, fire)
* In Overalls
* Frequent washing is required in work clothes
* Sheets used in hospital and surgical aprons
* Outdoor tents, canopy, sun umbrella
* Tpwels for home use, cotton bedsheets, table linen, bed linen, upholstery
* In sewing threads
* Sportwear, sea and pool clothes
* In Textile products where resistance to sun, sea and oxidants is desired
* In Yarn dyed woven fabrics

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